Ballot production: single most important facet of all optical scan systems

Ballot Production Services

Ballot production is the single most important facet of all optical scan systems. The attention to detail, manufacturers specifications, timeliness, and overall customer satisfaction are all extremely important components of this process. RBM understands this, having printed millions of ballots annually for our customers.

RBM ballot printing

Printed ballots at RBM print sites

RBM’s history of ballot production goes back over 30 years when Todd Mullen was hired at AIS (the company that grew to be ES&S) as a liaison to partner printers. In this role, Todd trained partner printers on the intricacies of the optical scan ballot. Todd leads the RBM team as they have printed ballots for Unisyn, ES&S, and Hart voting systems.

RBM’s approach to printing has taken two avenues. The first option is traditional ballot production as we know today, with one twist. Ballots are printed at RBM print sites, with complete ballot testing performed prior to leaving our facility, avoiding costly mistakes and re-prints. Our team of professionals also pride themselves on thoroughness and attention to detail.

This insures that all orders are complete, checked twice, packaged and boxed properly for easy inventory once delivered to the customer. 

Packaged printed ballots

Printed ballots packaged and boxed for delivery

The second option is on-site ballot production. This service has RBM bringing equipment to your site and printing in your warehouse. This concept gives you the greatest control over the process. Production starts as soon as the ballot is finalized. Ballots come off the printer, are packaged and labeled, and can go directly to the transfer cases used to transport them to the precinct. The ballots are only handled once at considerable cost savings to you.

Call today to see if on-site production is an option for you.