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Your Partner in Elections

At RBM Consulting, everything we do is centered around successful elections and happy customers. Our dedication to your election needs is more than a concept, its the foundation of our business. With a collaborative approach built around your unique needs coupled with our dedication to providing superior service, we are your partner in the truest sense. Your goals are our goals and together we create exemplary elections.

RBM Election Services and Products

RBM full service election plan

We specialize in election voting solutions and services customized to fit your needs, and not the other way around. Instead of fighting with cookie-cutter solutions created for the masses, RBM Consulting tailors our solutions to you. From full-service election execution to ballot printing, we can customize a solution thatright for you.

Ballot printing services

RBM Ballot Printing Service

Services + Products Offered

Full Service Election Plan: A start-to-finish election solution, the Full Service Plan ensures seamless and efficient elections.

Ballot Production Services: Our in-house ballot printing service is cost-efficient, fast and secure.

Hardware Maintenance Services: We offer the most competitive service contract pricing in the industry.

Unisyn Equipment: We represent the OpenElect® Optical Scan System for election tabulation and reporting.