Hardware Maintenance

Ensuring Election Day Performance

With routine preventative hardware maintenance you can ensure election day performance. We offer the most competitive service contract pricing in the industry. It’s our mission to deliver total customer satisfaction through value-based service.

RBM Hardware Maintenance

RBM thoroughly maintains and services election equipment

Working in eight states, our experienced, highly trained and qualified staff can provide service on Unisyn equipment, as well as numerous other types of voting machines.

RBM provides on-going service for your election equipment. Our qualified professionals will thoroughly maintain and service your election equipment. Preventative maintenance of all equipment is conducted once a year and a complete end-to-end test of the system (including the tabulation system) is performed for each election to ensure that all the parts of the system are in proper working order and that all test results are tabulated and uploaded successfully.

RBM will notify the customer whenever a software or firmware update has been released and provide the customer with a complete description of the update and training if requested.

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