Meet our Team (continued)

The RBM Team

Joe Ramirez | Director of Technical Services 

Joe has 27 years of progressive election experience with a  combination of technical, interpersonal, and management skills, into a matrix of customer centric expertise. This blending of talents, has forged a strong desire to bring new and innovative custom products and services, to serve their customer’s sophisticated demands. As Manager of New Business Development, they implemented the first ever, in precinct wireless transmission of voter data. This cut election night reporting from over 12 hours to 2-3 hours, and saved 1000’s of hours of election workers expense. Their creative engagement in the process of competitive bidding, serves RBM customers in finest traditions of professional co-partnering. Joe’s experience touches every level of the election cycle and service to County and Municipal Government:

  • Software and Hardware – Development of new products
  • Design and implementation of Voter Registration Systems
  • Equipment and Systems Installation
  • Wireless Communication Integration with election equipment
  • Election Day Support
  • Management of Data Centers
  • Disaster Recovery systems and methodologies
  • Network Architecture and Design
  • High Availability Networks and Storage Systems
  • Management of professional technical staff
  • Design, develop, and deploy large scale hierarchical, relational, and distributed database applications.
  • Database technologies – MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005- 2012, Access, Oracle
  • Web design and internet applications
  • Security – Implementation of best practices for internet based applications, VPN, secure file transfer, e-mail, and browser services
  • Mapping, GIS and topographic integration, Esri-ArcGis
  • Operating systems – Windows, UNIX, LINUX (Ubuntu, Centos), MVS
  • Languages – C++, Visual C, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, VBS Applications, JavaScript, PowerBuilder
  • Development Tools – Visual Studio.NET 2005-2010, Visual Studio6, Crystal Reports

This heuristic development gave birth to a keen understating of the election business. It integrated technical strategies and the business acumen gained from specific account styles. As Senior Project Manager for large accounts like, The Chicago Board of Elections, and The Cook County Department of Elections, Joe gained a great appreciation for disparate points of view. He also developed a perspicuous sense of communication in dealing with all types of personnel, from Elected Officials,to county staff, and poll workers. This willingness to become personally immersed into the customers daily business activities, is an important metric of his customer commitment.