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Election jurisdictions choose to partner with RBM for printing ballots, service maintenance on equipment and the overall election process

Floyd County, IN
“We chose RBM because of the reliability of their election equipment and e-poll books and the experience they have in running successful elections.”Linda Moeller, Floyd County Clerk

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Vigo County, IN
“My thoughts on RBM are no secret. I think they are a great organization who are top notch at what they do. As you are aware, in Vigo County, we have experienced two recounts and they were both 100% accurate as the original outcome. This speaks volumes of RBM and their team. The personal service and the customer support is second to none and the integrity of the company is beyond reproach. It’s a pleasure to work with RBM and I’ve felt that way since I took office. Since I have gotten to know the staff, they truly take pride in the product/service they provide. Which is exactly what we will continue to do business with RBM in the future.” – Brad Newman, Vigo County Clerk
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Ashland County, OH
“We appreciate the attention to detail and personalized service demonstrated by RBM and look forward to a long and positive relationship.”
– Shannon Johnson, Director of Elections

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Holmes County, OH
“The equipment is very simple for precinct election officials (PEO’s) to open and close voting. The PEO’s have a great deal to remember, so it was great that they did not have to stress with complicated set up of the voting equipment. We especially like the fact that voting can continue even during a power outage. The auxiliary bin is easy for PEO’s and voters to understand and use.” – Lisa Welch, Director of Elections
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Jackson County, IN
“My relationship with RBM began in 2011, just as I was beginning my term as the Jackson County Clerk was tasked with purchasing new voting equipment, and I met with RBM for a demonstration. I was impressed by their professionalism and expertise, and I was excited to give the new voting system they were just beginning to market a try! RBM was with me every step of the way as we ran our first election in Jackson County with our new equipment, and the level of customer service and support we receive now is as impeccable today as it was for that first election. Their top priority is always their customer, and smooth elections are the result. RBM is not just my election vendor-they are my election FAMILY-and I wouldn’t even want to run an election with out them.” – Amanda L. Lowery, Jackson County Clerk

Montgomery County, IN
“As a member of the Clerk’s office for the last 10 years I have dealt with many vendors. RBM is the vendor you can always trust to make your elections run smoothly. The staff is very knowledgeable and they make you feel like a member of their family, not just a faceless customer. When our county purchased new equipment for vote centers, RBM was there for us every step of the way and made our transition seamless. I would highly recommend RBM for election needs and services.”
– Karyn D. Douglas, Montgomery County Clerk

Davison Township, MI
“Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts to keep Davison Township’s election equipment in optimum shape. We have always been pleased with your response to any issues we had and were completely confident in the quality of your work.”
-Cindy Shields, Davison Township Clerk